Which Call Center Are You?

All three offshore BPO call centers handle calls for Fortune 100 US companies.

All three hire agents for the same wage and provide similar training.

  • Call Center 1 does not test their agents for English-speaking even though they handle calls strictly from North American customers.
  • Call Center 2 tests their agents with a scholastic-based English test used for students to learn about the English language.
  • Call Center 3 uses LanguaTest™ to measure Understandability at the start of the interview process to eliminate poor English-speaking candidates thus reducing hiring costs and onboarding time. Understandability is the ability to understand what is being asked along with the English-speaking skills to be understood! Only the top English-speaking agents are certified to handle their Fortune 100 clients’ calls, which attracts other new clients as well.

Call Center 1

“What did you just say? You can’t say that! Give me the call!”

Understandabilityi ssues in your call center causes customer escalations and cancellations? LanguaTest™ ensures only the top English-speaking agents are taking your customers’ calls!

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Call Center 2

“I apologize that you couldn’t understand our agent! We don’t want to lose you as a customer over that. What can I do to make it right?”

When customers’ frustrations due to lack of Understandability turn into escalations, you will realize you need LanguaTest™!

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Call Center 3

“Since using LanguaTest™ I’m not stuck dealing with escalated calls! I can do what I was hired to do, coach my employees and our NPS are in the green making our client very happy!”

LanguaTest™ certified agents give your managers and customers something to smile about. Reduced escalations and increased NPS scores because all of your call center agents are Understandable!

LanguaTest™ saves time, money, and customers!

So maybe the question should be, "Which" call center do you want to be?