LanguaTest – Measuring the World’s Understandability

For the past 5 years, we have learned that the Philippines are full of exceptionally talented call center agents. From big cities like Manila or Davao to smaller areas like Iloilo, Cebu, and Bohol we continue to measure Understandability, so our clients can hire Top Tier English-speaking agents to handle Fortune 100 companies’ calls.

We have been also measuring Understandability from Chennai to Jaipur, from Mumbai to Kolkata, and many other regions of India. We ensure only the best English-speaking agents are hired by our Indian clients. LanguaTest is vital to their customers’ satisfaction!

LanguaTest measures Understandability throughout Central and South America as well.
From Guatemala to Honduras to Nicaragua, our Central American clients hire the best English-speaking agents to handle their customers’ calls. As do our South American clients in Bogota and other regions!

LanguaTest measures Understandability around the world!
Our Success can be Your Success, LanguaTest!