1. Identify Your Stakeholders

Who in your organization understands the pain point associated with understandability; these are the people we need to work with?

2. Meeting One

We will listen to several of your calls where you feel there has been a lack of understandability. We will also listen to calls that you feel are exemplary examples of understandability and great customer service. Together, we will identify subject matter experts to help us craft the set of specific vocabulary and phrases used by your agents that is specific to your business.

3. Preparing the Pilot Test

We will prepare a draft test that we will use for a quick pilot. You will designate a small cohort of your existing agents who will take this brief test. The purpose of this is to capture your agent’s speech on our AI system so that we can work together for you to set your own standard of understandability.

4. Transforming human intelligence to machine intelligence

Our raters will use what they learned in Meeting Two to rate hundreds of audios according to your standard. Our data scientists then use these ratings to develop AI models that transform your human intelligence into machine intelligence.

We leverage our proprietary ensemble models to rapidly develop your custom test.

5. Delivering Your Custom Test

With the AI scoring models complete we assemble your custom test. We train your managers and trainers in the setup and administration of the test.

You begin hiring according to your standard for Understandability!